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Double sided A-stopper with snap frame.


Suitable for positioning in front of shops and restaurants to attract the attention of a passing stream of people. Extremely suitable for informing about promotional goods and services, restaurant menus, or other information. Posters layouts are easy to snap on. It is also suitable for outdoor advertising campaigns as it does not corrode and is easy to handle and carry .



The stop is made of aluminum profiles anodized in silver color.

The frames are equipped with a transparent anti-reflective plaque with UV protection, protecting the posters from moisture and dust.

Dimensions: Width = 74 cm / Height = 114 cm

Visible field: Width = 70 cm / Height = 100 cm

Material: Anodized aluminum

Color: Silver




The best quality!

The products are produced in Europe and we offer a guarantee for them.

A-stopper stop with rondo frame 70x100 cm

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