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Two-sided LED A-stopper with straight edges


With its clean design and built-in LED lighting, the A-stopper gives the perfect vision of each poster. The anti-reflective UV-stabilized coating protects the advertising materials from fading and improves their visibility from all corners. Suitable for positioning in retail outlets, shops and attractions the attention of a passing stream of people. Extremely suited for informing about promotions and services, menu , or other information. Very easy replacement of printed visions through the snap frame.



The stop is made of aluminum profiles anodized in silver color.

The frames are equipped with a transparent anti-reflective plaque with UV filter, protecting the posters from moisture and dust.

Dimensions: Width = 74cm / Height = 114 cm

Visible field: Width = 70 cm / Height = 100 cm

Material: Anodized aluminum

Color: Silver




The best quality!

The products are produced in Europe and offer a guarantee for them.

LED A-stopper with straight edges 70x100 cm

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