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Composed of a durable aluminum frame with rigid plastic connectors.

​Extremely durable.

​Easily changeable image.

​Can be produced in any size, according to the client’s requirements.

Option for flat or bent surface with manipulation of the bolt.

Includes an easy to transport hard case that doubles as a presentation table.


Perfect for:

  • Work meetings
  • Promotions
  • Stores
  • Presentations
  • Fairs
  • Advertising



Spread size: Width = 200 cm / Height = 225 cm

Digital print area: 225х274 cm (The print area is larger, because the banner ends are curved backwards.)



It can easily be installed without the need of any specialized tools. The pack includes assembly instructions. It takes less than 15 minutes.



The PopUp display’s hard case has side wheels and is easy to transport.


Hard case:

The case is made out of durable plastic and doubles as a presentation table. It can be branded along its entire surface.


About PopUp display 3x2 m

The most preferred system for creating quality display advertising for events such as fairs, conferences and exhibitions. The main advantages of the PopUp banner stem from its extreme mobility, durability, effectiveness and quick installation.


The PopUp display 3x2 m set contains:

- 4 PVC holders (used in attaching the font side)

- 15 frames with magnets (9 for the front side and 6 vertical ones at the back)

- Magnet strap that is cut at the required length and taped to the structure

- 4 PVC frame (2 thick ones and 2 thinones for constructing the sides)



The construct is made out of reinforced aluminum frames with strong plastic holders.

- Very strong and durable construction that keeps its image straight and upright.

- Quick and easy to install.

- The image can be swapped as many times as possible.

- The visuals are printed on some of the best printing materials on the market.

- The opportunity to choose between lacquered and matted elements gives greater customization options.


Free spare parts are offered for all items.

All of our products are produced in Europe and have an international warranty.

PopUp display 3x2

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