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High class banner stand made out of high quality aluminum with clip-clap vinyl holders at the top and bottom. Both profiles stretch the image, which in turn can be substituted when needed. The banner stays up straight and upright due to the stable aluminum L frame.


Thanks to the foldable profiles and carry case, the banner can be easily transported and installed without the need of any specialized tools. It can be set up in a manner of minutes, thanks to its integrated blocking system.

The set contains:

- L-banner Strong

- Carrying case



Spread size: Width = 150 cm / Height = 200 cm / Depth: 52 cm

Visible area:  Width = 150 cm / Height = 200 cm

Material: 400гр. vinyl or textile


Free spare parts are offered for all items.

All of our products are produced in Europe and have an international warranty.

Quick L-banner Strong 150x200 cm

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