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A high-class banner constructed out of strengthened aluminum. The construction is lifted by 2 sturdy legs that hold the image upright and straight.


The Roll Banner is the most preferred indoor display form of advertisement in the world. It is the perfect vessel for you to display your company's message, product or promotion. The banner is constructed of highly durable aluminum, making him light and easy to carry. The old images can be easily swapped with new ones.


The set consists of:

- Roll banner

- Carrying case



Spread size: Width = 50 cm / Height = 100 cm

Folded size: 10х10х55 cm

Visible area:  Width = 50 cm / Height = 100 cm

Material: 410g vinyl or synthetic paper

Banner weight without poster: 1,000 kg

Banner weight with vinyl: 1,200 kg


Free spare parts are offered for all items.

All of our products are produced in Europe and have an international warranty.

Roll Banner Strong 50x100 cm

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