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The perfect front of any advertising campaign

Very hard to damage



Sizes: Width = 90 cm / Height = 87 cm / Depth = 38 cm

Printable area:  Width = 170 cm / Height = 85 cm

Visible area: Width = 170 cm / Height = 85 cm

Central front area: Width = 60 cm / Height = 85 cm

Weight (no vinyl): 8.700 kg

Weight (with vinyl): 9,000 kg

Folded size: 100х25х50 cm

Branding material: laminated foil

Made out of reinforced plastic and a strong aluminum frame.

Table color: white


The set includes:

11 metal rods that form the base

1 chipboard plate

5 m. Magnet tape

1 PVC sheet

Carrying case


Free spare parts are offered for all items.

All of our products are produced in Europe and have an international warranty.


Small PopUp stand

Запитването е изпратено

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